I was born Abbazia (Bergamo, Italy) January 19, 1950. In my village, the bishop of Bergamo Gregorio was a Benedictine monastery founded in 1136. There are still two beautiful apse of the original church. The friend Andrea Zonca wrote in 1998 a beautiful book on the history of this monastery. I was born to parents of modest means but estimated for hard work and honesty: Michele Bravi and Anna Maria Cugini. I received a classical education. In the years of high school Dostoevsky was the author that I have read and loved. I then attended for two years, the theological course. I am passionate about the biblical and patristic studies. I studied with particular fervor Chenu, Congar, Cullmann, Barth, Bonhoeffer. The argument and the lexicon of theological sciences I have become familiar.
Let theological studies, I joined in 1973 in the Course of philosophy at the University of Milan, where I graduated March 15, 1978 with a thesis on "The religious thought of the young Immanuel Kant." I approached philosophy from a historical point of view rather than theoretical. I followed assiduously lessons Enzo Paci and Mario Dal Pra two opposite personalities for style, interests, and teaching method . By Mario Dal Pra I have learned the importance of rigorous analysis of texts. During his university years I have increasingly approached the medieval and modern historiography. I have read and thorough Pirenne, Bloch, Chabod, Le Goff, Febvre, Barudel, Venturi. In 1979 I founded with a group of friends the Study Centre "Archivio Bergamasco." I was editor of the journal "Archivio storico bergamasco" 1980-1995. In 1982 I received a diploma from the School of Paleography and Archives of Milan. In 1989 I was a guest for two months of the Newberry Library in Chicago. In 1992 I was in Bergamo, one of the founders of the Cultural Center Protestant. From 1996 to 2010, was Director of the Public Library of Bergamo.
My interests of research and study concerning the local history of Bergamo, the history of the Public Library of Bergamo, the history of books and libraries ancient, especially the oldest libraries in Rome. Since 1980 I perform studies of the history of the Protestant Reformation, especially with regard to two Italian theologians Peter Martyr Vermigli and Hieronymus Zanchi. From the years 1998-2000 have widened the field of my research the history of painting. The interest in the art of painting was born from a personal need for poetry and truth, in the sense that he gave these words Goethe. They are among my teachers of life and thought Homer, Epicurus, Virgil, Horace, Seneca, Dante, Montaigne, Kant, Goethe, Delacroix. But do not swear on the words of anyone.


Giulio Orazio Bravi Via Borgo Nuovo 10
24020 Torre Boldone (Bergamo – Italy)


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